Working parts for working musicians

Working parts for working musicians

Welcome to GO-CHARTS.COM! (formerly propopparts (.net)) Musical arrangements. Top Class Musical Arrangements for working bands / ship’s orchestra backing. Available at very competitive rates. Ideal  band arrangements / band charts for any professional situation, including dance bands & tribute acts.

Top quality musical arrangements – FOR ‘SHEET MUSIC’ please click sheet music

Orchestra parts for hits from UK, US, France, Canada, Australia. Ideal band charts for covers bands. Music scores for backing bands. Dots for cabaret singers / artistes / tribute acts. For sequencing, recording etc. partitions. All styles of music including – pop, rock, jazz, funk, swing, lounge, musical theatre etc.

Please note, this is a catalogue of arrangements which are detailed band parts, and NOT sheet music. Sheet music is by definition a very basic form of the song, melody, lyrics and a basic piano accompaniment. It is largely useless to a reading band/orchestra, whereas music charts are high quality parts for the use of reading/working musicians and bands. The basic aim is to sound ‘like the record’, and for performing vocalists to use with a band or orchestra. They are ideal for the use of a cabaret singer working on a cruise ship with backing by a ship’s orchestra for example. Perfect band charts for tribute acts too. I have already supplied several tribute acts with many musical arrangements, all are delighted with the quality of product I supply. Music is available either as a complete song or individual instrumental parts.

Our arrangements are for a 7/8 piece band line-up consisting of 4-rhythm keyboards/ bass guitar/ guitar and drums plus (where applicable) horn arrangements 3 or 4 (trumpet/alto/tenor/ trombone). A second trumpet can be added. There is a small charge for this, though I only charge once per arrangement – once written the tpt1 + tpt2 parts are included free of charge.. You will also receive a vocal chart with each arrangement (except for instrumentals of course). To listen to midi playback of many of the charts click on the song you wish to hear within the catalogue list.

Music chart prices vary depending on length and complexity from 4-rhythm charts to 7/8-piece (9-piece available if you need 2nd trumpet).

Don’t end up buying music charts twice or having band parts that will end up full of mistakes and pencil marks! musical arrangements are more accurate yet at the same time more clear and more readable than any other band charts you may find online. This makes band calls shorter, and backing musicians happier. Please click on endorsements to see what professional working musicians think of my work. how to buy. Please click on catalogue for a list of already complete musical arrangements but remember this list is in effect infinite, any chart can be written on request as a new commission. new commissions.

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